Environmental Remediation

HEPACO offers cost-effective solutions for environmental remediation, using both long-established methods and state-of-the-art technologies. The work is performed by trained HEPACO personnel in accordance with our standard operating guidelines which comply with regulatory requirements and ensure safe working conditions throughout all phases of a project.

HEPACO is proficient at numerous remediation techniques including treating and stabilizing, excavating, and handling hazardous and non-hazardous soils, sludges, and debris. These operations include provisions for associated construction control measures such as properly contained staging areas, haul roads, storm water and groundwater control, and excavation shoring. In addition, we routinely manage off-site disposal of hazardous wastes when regulations, costs, or other considerations dictate this to be the preferred alternative.

HEPACO also has substantial experience in cost-effective on-site treatment of contaminated soils, storage tank removal, and facility closure.

Environmental remediation services include:

  •  Groundwater remediation systems
  •  Soil remediation
  •  Surface impoundment/lagoons/landfills
  •  Storage tanks
  •  Facility decon & decommissioning
  •  Soil fixation and stabilization
  •  Groundwater treatment system
  •  Soil excavation and disposal
  •  Landfill and lagoon closure
  •  UST/AST closures
  •  Aggressive Fluid and Vapor Recovery (AFVR)
  •  Dewatering and soil treatment
  •  Bioremediation